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Creative Modular Buildings is Who We Are

Creative Modular Buildings, Inc. was established in 1998 with corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Creative Modular Buildings has over 30 years experience in the commercial modular industry. The focus of the business is the quality not the quantity of the projects completed.

The company’s primary products are buildings produced for the educational market. The “Relocatable Space Industry” refers to a process rather than the product itself. It is the complete process of designing, manufacturing, sales and/or leasing a variety of buildings ranging from a typical construction trailer to a permanent building.

The need to meet the demand of multi-family housing after World War II helped create what the “Commercial Modular Industry” is today. This 50-year-old industry now has estimated sales revenue of over one billion dollars per year.

The quality of the product has vastly improved over the earlier prototypes. Better design, improved materials, and higher standards of manufacturing have made this type of building process a viable.