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Modular Buildings is What We Do

Today, modular construction is used in almost every industry and walk of life. Construction offices, educational facilities, medical facilities, industrial uses, prison and correctional housing and administration, branch financial offices, real estate offices, government buildings, and general commercial offices. Below are some examples of how pre-engineered modular space is being used:

Modular Construction Buildings - Contractor’s Offices, Engineer’s Offices, Storage Space, Tool Rooms, Lavatories, Toilet / Shower Facilities and more!


Contractor’s Offices Engineer’s Offices Storage Space Tool Rooms Lavatories
Toilet Facilities Shower Facilities Locker Rooms Change Rooms Cafeteria Mobile Kitchens
Modular Education Buildings - Relocatable Classrooms, Libraries, Cafeterias, Playrooms, Band/Choir Rooms, Conference Rooms, Computer Centers and much more!


Relocatable Classrooms Libraries Cafeterias Playrooms Band/Choir Rooms Conference Rooms Computer Centers
Laboratories First Aid/Nurses Stations Day Care Centers Dormitories Student Unions Study Areas
Modular Medical Buildings - Doctor’s Offices, Clinic’s, Disaster Relief Centers, Laboratories, Dental Office, Hospital Administration building & much more!


Doctor’s Offices Clinic’s Disaster Relief Centers Laboratories Dental Office Hospital Administration
Hospital Wings Veterinary Clinics CAT Scan/MR Physicians Libraries Outpatient Surgery Centers
Modular Commercial Buildings - Retail Stores, Small Shopping Centers, Motels, Sales Offices, Administrative Offices, Auto Dealerships, Showrooms and more!


Retail Stores Small Shopping Centers Motels Sales Offices Administrative Offices
Auto Dealerships Sample Apartments Sample Showrooms Mobile Displays Law Offices
Modular Government Buildings - Engineering Offices, Administrative Offices, Dining Halls / Mobile Kitchens. Military Housing. IRS Tax Offices and much more!

Government / Municipalities

Engineering Offices Administrative Offices Dining Halls/Mobile Kitchens Military Housing IRS Tax Offices Disaster Relief Centers
Training Centers Corps of Engineering Offices Security Stations Convenience Facilities Camp & Overnight Facilities
Modular Utilities Buildings - Administrative Offices, Engineering Offices, Dormitories, Tool Rooms, Conference Rooms, Security Posts, Dining Halls and more!

Utilities / Public Works

Administrative Offices Engineering Offices Dormitories Tool Rooms Conference Rooms
Security Stations Dining Halls Convenience Facilities Training Rooms
Modular Transportation Buildings - Dispatch Offices, Administrative Offices, Guard Houses / Security Stations, Airport Office Space / Airport Baggage & more


Dispatch Offices Administrative Offices Guard Houses / Security Stations

  1. Office Space
  2. Baggage
  3. Administration
  4. Computer Rooms
Modular Financial Buildings - Branch Banks, Temporary Buildings, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, Administrative Offices and more Creative Modular Buildings!


Branch Banks Temporary Buildings Credit Unions
Savings & Loans Administrative Offices
Modular Cultural Buildings - Museums, Libraries, Recreation Rooms, Senior Citizen Programs, Rehabilitation Programs, Day Care Centers and many more!


Museums Libraries Recreation Rooms Senior Citizen Programs
Rehabilitation Programs Convenience Programs Day Care Centers
Modular Prison Buildings - Administrative Offices, Work Areas, Counseling Rooms, Living Quarters, Dormitories / Cells, Medical Treatment Rooms and much more


Administrative Offices Work Areas Counseling Rooms Living Quarters Dormitories/Cells Medical Treatment Rooms Recreation/Day Rooms
Reception Centers Storage/Equipment Rooms Classrooms Guard Houses Pre-Release Centers Detention Centers Juvenile Facilities
Modular Industrial Buildings In-plant Offices, Guard Houses / Security Stations, Equipment Rooms, Credit Unions, Storage Space, First Aid Stations and more!


In-plant Offices Guard Houses / Security Stations Equipment Rooms Credit Unions Storage Space First Aid Stations/Nurses Stations
Administrative Offices Training Rooms Cafeteria & Food Service Conference Rooms Laboratories Toilet/Shower Facilities Locker / Change Rooms
Engineering Offices Computer Centers Workshops Counseling Rooms Interviewing Space Quality Control Areas